Helping individuals and couples move from worry and uncertainty to confidence and conviction

Because we come into our most important relationships

– relationships with our partners and relationships with ourselves – with our respective histories, pasts, backgrounds . . . Heritage. These stories shape us and affect how we walk through life as partners and in our own skins. Sometimes our stories give us confidence, hope, and joy. But sometimes, like when we’re butting heads with our partners or ourselves, the stories we tell ourselves leave us feeling disconnected, rejected, unimportant, or overwhelmed.

When the meanings of your stories have become compromised by misunderstandings, misperceptions, or miscommunications and your relationships have begun to feel difficult complicated, demanding, worrisome, or lacking in peace, it’s time to seek help.

At Heritage Counseling Services, I help you identify and untangle the patterns that leave you feeling stuck or without hope, without contentment and joy. Together we’ll work to honor your strengths and imperfections, secure your boundaries, and open yourself to new information and insight about your most important relationships.


Couples for One

Your relationship isn’t on the right track and your partner isn’t ready to join you in therapy. That happens and it’s okay. Even with just one of you, we will identify your goals and invite change into your relationship.


You’re worried about the future of your relationship. You’re feeling the sadness, pain, and uncertainty of disconnection from your partner. This hurts. I can help you identify and correct unhelpful relationship patterns.


You worry about disappointing others and know you would feel guilty if you did. You put others’ needs before your own. Our work together can increase your confidence and help you recognize your intrinsic value.

Let's connect. You have options . . . .

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Heritage Counseling Services therapist, JoEllen Lange, MA, LAMFT, is a relationship psychotherapist working toward full licensure under the supervision of Minnesota Board-approved licensed therapists.

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