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There's no better time than now.

Taking that next first step

I bet you can recall times (I know I can) when once you did that thing that felt so hard to start you felt better right away.


It’s ok that it feels hard and that you haven’t been looking forward to getting started. At the same time, you may be feeling the tension that it also feels like the right thing to do, even the thing you want to do, and that now’s the time for doing it.

Maybe you're still on the fence

By the time you’ve reached this page, you’ve probably taken a look around and mostly decided that you’re in the right place.

But, if you’re not quite ready to schedule an intake session, that’s ok too. Our having a 20-minute no-obligation phone consultation can help you decide, if you haven’t already. (No action is a decision too. And this is information.)

What happens in the no-obligation phone consultation

On our call I’ll ask you for more details regarding your concerns and the type of results you’re hoping to achieve. I’ll leave time for you to ask me questions too. (I might have some information that’s helpful to you on my FAQ page here.) If we decide we’re a good fit, we’ll schedule our first session (intake session) and arrange for the paperwork for the intake.

*If you’d prefer, use the Scheduling page to schedule our 20-minute phone consultation directly. Else, proceed to the bottom of this page and complete the contact form for me to contact you.

The plan for what comes next

Relief. InsightConnection. Clarity. And more . . . .

It would be my privilege to partner with you on this part of  your growth, healing, and discovery journey.

Your contact information

Use the form below to enter your information with a brief message about what you’re hoping to find help with (for example, “Seeking couples counseling” or “individual counseling for increasing confidence”).

I’ll respond via your preferred method by my next business day (unless otherwise posted).

*If you’d prefer, feel free to send your brief message to hello@heritagecounselingMN.com

2497 7th Ave E, Suite 109
North St. Paul, MN 55109-2949


The information contained in this website is for informational purposes only and is not intended to assess, diagnose, or treat any individual or relationship. It is also not intended to suggest a relationship with the therapist.

Heritage Counseling Services therapist, JoEllen Lange, MA, LAMFT, is a relationship psychotherapist working toward full licensure under supervision of an AAMFT- and Minnesota Board-approved licensed therapist.

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