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Couples Therapy

Today’s couple faces new challenges in “we don’t communicate”

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You're a committed couple, but you feel stuck.

You’re stuck in frustration and hurt.

You keep moving away from each other — physically, sexually, emotionally.

And you don’t know why you two haven’t been able to figure out how to get out of this pattern of stuckness.

When things are good they're really pretty good.

Sometimes you two hit that groove just right and communication goes really well, you feel connected, flirting is fun, you want sex, you want to be in the same space.

And things feel pretty good overall. And you relax in your relationship for awhile because you’re in that good place.

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But then there's that bump in the road again.

And you don’t know where it came from, but you both drove right over it.

That same old argument. That same whatever that hasn’t yet been resolved.

And now you don’t know what to do because it’s always the same old thing.

But, ugh. You know it hurts. And it’s discouraging, disappointing, tiring . . . . And now you feel stuck again.

And you really do want to get back to the way things were when you felt connected.

And you want to learn how to stay there. At least find your way back more easily.

This is where couples therapy helps.

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Couples therapy is a unique experience for couples.

Couples therapy is a place that allows for both truths to be heard.

It’s a place where each partner starts to feel seen.

It’s where understanding and compassion toward each other develop and grow.

It’s where couples learn how to turn toward each other and be vulnerable with each other.

It’s for learning how to be attuned to each other.

You'll be creating a stronger bond with your partner.

When you start hearing, seeing, and understanding your partner in a new way, you’ll feel your connection grow.

Your partner will feel you get them.

When you think you’re approaching a rough patch, you’ll be able to find smooth road more quickly and easily.

You’ll know how to approach your partner and honestly express your needs.

When you believe you are not being heard, you’ll be able use new skills to be loving and understanding in your communication.

You’ll be creating new patterns in your interactions that draw you toward each other for more opportunities for intimacy — physical, sexual, emotional, and more. 


I am simply your guide on your journey of rediscovery of each other.

You are the experts of yourselves and your relationship.

In a non-judgmental, safe, and supportive space, we’ll explore your layered and wonderful parts of yourselves and your relationship.

Your work on yourself and your relationship will allow room for improved communication, growth individually and as a couple, and a bond that is as flexible and forgiving as it is strong.

When you're ready to rediscover.

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