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It can help to have a sense of where you'll be before you get there.

Warm & welcoming counseling space in North St. Paul

You want to connect with someone in a peaceful space that feels welcoming and comfortable.

It’s difficult to consider sharing challenging or vulnerable thoughts and feelings when you’re not able to feel that the space you’re in or the person you’re with is able to contain your distress.

JoEllen's North St. Paul counseling office with art, chair, sofa, lamps

Our spaces relate to our stories

And just as the very personal spaces of our clothing or hairstyle preferences tell a story, so do our furnishings choices. In my creating this space for us in North St. Paul, almost every piece of what I’ve brought into this room has a story and meaning that’s personal to me.

Our stories make us rich and give us dimension and exquisite complexity. They are part of who we are, who we’ve been, and who we’re becoming — a beautiful and intricate tapestry of our unique humanness.

I believe that in sharing some of who I am and where I come from, we can make a connection.

I hope you’ll choose to share part of your story here with me.

spelling blocks of Heritage Counseling Services for counseling North St. Paul
various print blocks framed in square frame reflecting creativity in counseling North St. Paul

It might feel more comfortable now that you know what the space is like. Remember that ALL ARE WELCOME HERE.

If you’re feeling ready to start having things be different and feel better, click the button below to schedule your no-obligation 20-minute phone consultation. Let’s schedule an initial call to get things started.

Heritage Counseling Services

2497 7th Avenue East, North St. Paul, MN 55109, Suite 109
Franklyn Center

a neighbor of North St. Paul's snowman . . .

Easy access from many Twin Cities locations, just south of highway 36 and the Gateway Trail, east of McKnight Rd, west of Geneva-Century Ave (120).

Parking: Free parking in the lots adjacent to the building (lots on both the west and east sides).

To park, east lot: Head north on Helen St. N from 7th Ave E • turn left at the stop sign • take the immediate left into the parking lot • Suite 109 is on your right just inside the building.

To park, west lot: Turn north into the lot from 7th Ave E • enter the building and walk all the way through to the other entrance • Suite 109 is on your left just before you exit.

2497 7th Ave E, Suite 109
North St. Paul, MN 55109-2949


The information contained in this website is for informational purposes only and is not intended to assess, diagnose, or treat any individual or relationship. It is also not intended to suggest a relationship with the therapist.

Heritage Counseling Services therapist, JoEllen Lange, MA, LAMFT, is a relationship psychotherapist working toward full licensure under supervision of an AAMFT- and Minnesota Board-approved licensed therapist.

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