therapy for couples & men


Relationally . . . on Purpose

JoEllen helps men connect with themselves and their identities through compassionate listening and acceptance. She provides them with tools to help them move ever closer to their intimate partners while helping them acknowledge and process their pain of previous disconnection.

JoEllen also helps couples rediscover, reimagine, and redefine their connection to each other through compassionate understanding and healing. She also loves to help newly engaged or newly together couples create healthy relationship foundations by engaging them in PREPARE/ENRICH conversations.

Thanks for reading. Consider scheduling via the button below if you’d like help with any of these topics or anything that may currently be of concern to you.

low visibility two bridges, signs, trucks cropped

A Chance of Poor Visibility

It happened today. That first measurable snowfall of the season. Well, it was a little measurable, on the low end of measurable, a hearty dusting. If you live in a location where the snow falls, you know what kinds of things this precipitation can bring.

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