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Something’s gotta give.

You often feel you carry the weight of the world.

Your family and friends boast about you as the responsible one.

Sometimes ‘being responsible’ is a source of pride for you, but it can come with a heavy side to it too.

And then there’s that weight again (sigh, or argh!).

So, people know they can turn to you for help. You’re resourceful and pretty good at getting stuff done – but usually for others.

You often don’t make yourself a priority, and you find yourself last on your own list.

And you feel incomplete and unfulfilled. And this affects you in other important areas of your life.

Your own projects suffer. Your own stuff is left unfinished.

Putting yourself last may be a symptom of one or both these things.

1You may feel a strong pull toward obligation, being nice, being busy, or living up to others’ expectations.

2Perfectionism has power over  you and some level of fear keeps you from getting your own stuff done.

What if you . . . ?

» Were more intentional about your whys and hows in giving your time and energy to others?

» Honored you and your wants and generously gave time to yourself?

» No longer felt the pull to respond to others’ wants? (which to you felt like demands)

» Created a new relationship with perfectionism or gave it new meaning?

» Created and honored your own definition of success?

Can you imagine that?
How does that feel?

It may be hard to imagine or feel
that relief and joy right now.

I’d be glad to help you create your new picture.

You've been ready to feel more in charge of your life for a while.

Your time is now.

» You’re ready to explore the idea of leaning into breaking your unhelpful patterns in your relationship with yourself and others.

» You understand that accountability is important for change and growth.

» You can appreciate a challenge that can be delivered with warmth, compassion, and sometimes humor.

» You can accept that there might be some sting in first learning where your challenges may lie.

» You’re ready to roll up your sleeves.

Together, our work can be about
your confidently exclaiming . . .


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Meet JoEllen

My core values





JoEllen sitting, smiling, in jeans

If you're interested, a little more about me.

My past professional lives have been in banking, banking operations, and software testing.

As I read and listen, I naturally edit – so, I may have had a past life as a copy editor. I know words, tone, and more matter.

‘Not being good enough’ got in my own way of starting grad school (and many other things). So, it turns out, I’m a late bloomer. And that is not a bad thing, but I was hearing otherwise, so it took effort for me to learn what was real.

A lot of years ago, I married a super guy. I’m so lucky to call him one of my best friends. We’ve learned together that marriage takes work, so we do our work so we can also play!

I hope to do woodworking or refinish furniture someday.

I ♥ DIY and am compelled to reduce, recycle, and reuse!

I was once told, “You amuse yourself” – yes! Laughter is so good for the body, mind, and soul!

And I recognize I hold so much unearned privilege, and I strive to continuously learn and grow.

Healthy striving is self-focused: 'How can I improve?' Perfectionism is other-focused: 'What will they think?'
- Brené Brown, The Gifts of Imperfection

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