Premarital Counseling

The best way to start your relationship is to set your relationship up for success.

Being in love is exhilarating.

Take-your-breath-away exciting. A little nerve-wracking too.

Are you moving in together, declaring forever-commitment to each other, or planning a wedding?

Every relationship, in every stage, takes effort.

These life commitments come about because you actively share ideas, have discussions and conversations, make decisions together, and so much more.

They don’t just happen. You create those opportunities together.

Being intentional creates the foundation.

What would it be like to . . . ?

Be intentional in your togetherness?

Have rich conversations about your relationship and your future earlier (rather than later)?

Set realistic and passionate expectations for your future together.

Develop insights that deepen your love for and understanding of each other?

Get help having the most important conversations, frankly & honestly.

We’re generally not taught* by our families or teachers about navigating relationships and conversations with our intimate partners.

*Other than by modeling – our observing their behaviors and understanding them as the way things are or the way things should be.

Some conversations are hard to have.

Here are just a few hot topics that might already have you thinking, Yikes!


THE FOUNDATION of successful and pleasurable togetherness!

This requires

respect • listening to understand (and not respond) • acceptance • gratitude • humor • honoring • awareness • honesty • and more


Yes, it’s about Show me the money! (old movie reference).

You’ve gotta go there

merging money (or not) • income • debt • spending habits • saving habits • financial goals • and more


It’s way more than just asking, “Now?” or “You always/never want to! “

It’s exploring

sex for closeness or closeness before sex • birth control • fantasies • consent • boundaries • desire differences • mood • and more

And so many more topics that contribute to your oneness . . .

roles • spirituality • conflict resolution • leisure time • decision-making • affection • health & wellness • stress • and much more

You each bring unique and beautiful layers to the richness of your relationship

You owe it to each other to set your relationship up for a lifetime of success and joy 

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By the way . . .

If you’re looking for a wedding officiant for your special day, I’m proud to be an ordained minister with American Marriage Ministries and I’d be delighted to have a conversation with you about your upcoming ceremony.

It is my honor and privilege to marry any two loving and consenting adults.