Premarital Counseling

The best way to start in your relationship is by setting each other up for success.

Being in love is exhilarating.

Take-your-breath-away exciting. A little nerve-wracking too.

Maybe you’re moving in together, living separately and declaring forever-commitment to each other, or planning a wedding.

Being intentional creates the foundation.

What would it be like to be intentional about having rich conversations about your relationship and your future earlier (rather than later) in your togetherness?

These are the conversations that help you acknowledge and explore each other’s strength and growth areas. Conversations that help deepen your love for and understanding of each other.

Every relationship, in every stage, takes effort.

These life commitments come about because you share ideas, have discussions and conversations, make decisions together, and so much more.
They don’t just happen.

Get help with having the most important conversations.

Some conversations are harder to have than others.

Here are the top few that many avoid:


Yes, think “Show me the money!” because it’s all about income · debt · spending habits · saving habits · retirement planning · and more


It’s more than just asking, “Now?” It’s about having conversations about birth control · fantasies · consent · boundaries · desire differences · mood · and more


Maybe now more than ever it starts with, “Should we or shouldn’t we?” And you don’t want to find out you’re on different pages after you’ve committed. There’s also parenting styles · how many · naming · child care · and more

♦   ♦   ♦

Commit to connection and strength in your relationship by having these conversations. And have them sooner than later.

The PREPARE/ENRICH assessment helps you go there.

The PREPARE/ENRICH® (P/E) assessment tool uses a strengths-based approach to highlight a couple’s areas of harmony and of growth in 12 different relationship categories, including the three challenging topics mentioned above.

For those who like this kind of information, P/E is a time-tested, reliable, and evidence-based (and Minnesota-born) tool that has helped millions of couples create solid foundations.

In addition to being a relationship psychotherapist, I am a P/E facilitator trained to help you get those conversations started.

Being in love is a wonderful feeling. Make it last.

Set your relationship up for success by committing to having these conversations now. Schedule here.

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