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Be the couple who can say,

"We have great communication!"

Which one fits your current need?

You’re a new couple with great energy. You can likely benefit from having structured conversations about all the different life areas that can affect a relationship. Premarital counseling or PREPARE are two great ways to start.


You’re ready to make changes but your partner isn’t. And that’s ok. Or, you want to focus on your own growth and development. Therapy for one can be healing, inspiring, and life-changing.

Life is better with connection.

You want your relationship with your partner to be as pleasurable and fulfilling as it can possibly be.

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Acceptance, curiosity, compassion

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JoEllen Lange, MA, LMFT

Listening without judgment

Inviting reflection, compassion, and insight

Challenging with encouragement and understanding

JoEllen is compassionate and detailed, as well as extremely client-centered. She uses her talents at connecting with others to provide a whole-person experience for her clients.

You're ready for a renewed relationship with your partner.

Bumpy patches are a reality of life and an opportunity for growth. But with the help of talk therapy, you learn how to better respond to what’s happening.

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This recent photo was taken on a gorgeous, breezy, late fall day. My gray hair makes me laugh and reminds me that, while I take my work seriously, I don’t have to do that with myself. Read a bit more here.

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You may be new to therapy, or not. Either way, it’s great to have questions like what is therapy? The experience will be different for everyone, but these getting started questions are pretty common.

You might have concerns about the cost of therapy. Therapy is a process that takes time, energy, and commitment – it’s an investment. It’s also meant to be as brief as possible. Read more here to learn how you’re choosing to invest in yourself and your world of relationships.

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