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Connection makes all the difference.

Connection with self

When we’re not connecting with ourselves, we may feel lost, restless, tense, anxious, uncomfortable, out of control, insignificant, or unworthy.

We can’t find what we’re looking for because we don’t know what we need.

We’re untethered, not grounded.

Connection with significant others

If our connection to our partner is off, life feels heavy, hard, and complicated.

To move toward your partner to ask for what you need feels risky, scary, or impossible.

And you probably feel all alone.

The journey to connection . . .

There is hope.

With my help, you’ll be able to do amazing work to arrive at acceptance, empathy, understanding, passion, and connection — with yourself and your partner.

We will

• Identify and reshape patterns and interactions

• Explore and remove blocks to relational and physical intimacy

• Create new stories that work with the new meanings uncovered

. . . is paved with growth and healing

Getting to connection may seem like it’s a long way away from where you are now.

But it is possible to get there.

Your strengths can help.

Your curiosity is just one of your natural strengths. You want to understand. You want to know more.

You already use curiosity well to show interest and grow in many areas of your life. But you’ve been uncertain about whether this skill has a place in relationships.

The uncertainty has kept you from being a better listener, from being more engaged, from being available to your partner.

Your curiosity can help you connect.

You can learn how to use your curiosity as a power for good health in your relationship.

Curiosity can foster healing, create new interactions, and invite hope.

There's hope and help.

The therapist you’re looking for is one who will accept you where you are, not leave you alone in the shadows, and guide you to creating new patterns of interaction with your partner while helping you honor and hone your natural strengths.

You want an insightful therapist who's curious like you.

I listen without judgment and use curiosity to invite reflection, compassion, and insight. I challenge with encouragement and understanding.

Getting to connection may seem like it’s a long way away from where you are now.

But it is possible to get there.

I look forward to being of help and support to you on your journey of discovery and hope we connect soon.

JoEllen Lange, MA, LAMFT
JoEllen Lange, MA, LAMFT

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Which one fits your current need?

You’re a new couple with great energy. You can likely benefit from having structured conversations about all the different life areas that can affect a relationship. PREPARE is one great way to start.

You’ve been together for a while and you’re no stranger to bumps in the road in your relationship. The bumps never disappear, but they can certainly be less jarring. Couples therapy can help.

You’re ready to make changes but your partner isn’t. And that’s ok. Or, you want to focus on your own growth and development. Therapy for one can be healing, inspiring, and life-changing.

It is my privilege to be LGBTQ+-affirming and -allied.

my pronouns: she / her / hers

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I’m located on the charming main street of downtown North St. Paul, just west of the highway 36 snowman.

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Heritage Counseling Services therapist, JoEllen Lange, MA, LAMFT, is a relationship psychotherapist working toward full licensure under supervision of an AAMFT- and Minnesota Board-approved licensed therapist.

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