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Scheduling online helps make your next step toward change that much easier.

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New clients

It can be easy to lose momentum when it’s been hard to decide.

You’ve already spent time arriving at the realization that something needs to be different and you’re recognizing that you’re likely ready to start the process of change, discovery, and growth.

And you’ve reviewed some of my other pages such as fees, About, or FAQ, and you’re ready to take action.

So, the button below helps keep you moving, even if you’ve just made the decision while you’re in your pajamas.

Two scheduling options

(1) No-obligation phone consultation: (20 minutes) You’d like a brief phone conversation to see if we’d be a good fit. If you’re curious and like to know ahead of time, check out my Let’s Connect page to see generally what to expect in your no-obligation call with me.

(2) Intake: (90 minutes) You’ve decided that you know what you need to know and you’re scheduling our first appointment here. 

Be active. Schedule now.

Selecting the button below will open a Request an Appointment window. Go through the prompts to enter and select your information. Select Request Appointment button on that window and you’ll receive a thank you message confirming the details.

I look forward to connecting with you to help you start making things feel better.

Existing clients

We usually schedule our next session at the end of the current session. However, sometimes you know about upcoming events but the schedules aren’t firm, for example. So, when you do know your schedule, you can click below to see mine.

You have two options too

(1) Standard: 60 minutes, the default session length

(2) Extended: 90 minutes, a lot has come up for you and you’d like to plan for a bit more time

I’ll be glad to see you again soon.