Schedule Online

Scheduling online helps make your next step toward change that much easier.

Easy access to scheduling for new clients.

When you can’t schedule easily, you lose momentum.

You’ve arrived at the realization that something needs to be different. You recognize that you’re ready to start the process of change, discovery, and growth.

And you’ve reviewed my other pages such as fees, About, or FAQ.

So you're ready. Schedule now.

1Select the button below to open my scheduler. Select I’m a New Client. Request an Appointment window will open.

2Select Initial Intake (90 minutes) if you’re ready or Phone Consultation (free). Make your selections, enter your information, and select Request Appointment.

3Receive a thank you message confirming the details for our initial meeting via phone (consult) or in person (intake).

I look forward to connecting with you to help you start making things feel better.

Easy scheduling for existing clients too.

We usually schedule our next session at the end of the current session. As you know, consistency helps with your successfully meeting your goals.

However, sometimes you’ve got to check something first that’s not at your fingertips. So, when you do know your schedule, click below to see mine.

1Click the Schedule button above. Select Existing Client from the new window.

2Sign into the portal. Select Request an Appointment link in the upper right. Select the standard (60 min) or extended (90 min) session and follow the prompts.

3Receive a thank you message confirming the details for our next session.

I’ll be glad to see you again soon.