Let's Connect

There's no better time than now.

Take that next first step

Can you remember a time when you finally started that hard thing, you also started to feel better right away? (I can.)

Relief. Phew!

For a while, maybe it was feeling more ok than not to put off getting started. At least you could predict to some degree how things would go — there’s some comfort in the knowing.

But not anymore. 

Now’s the time for action.

No-obligation phone consultation

I don’t want the idea of our phone consultation to be a mystery. Generally, below is how it will go. And the time will go quickly. (It always does.)

• I’ll ask you to share your general concerns

• I’ll reflect what I believe I heard from you and ask about the results you hope to achieve

• You may want to ask me a question or two too (see also my About, FAQ, and rates pages)

• If we decide we’re a good fit, we can schedule our first session while we’re on the call (*90-minute intake session).

What you can anticipate

Relief. Insight. Clarity. Connection. And more . . . .

If you're not quite ready to use my online scheduler for a no-obligation call

Include a brief message below about what you’re hoping to find help with (for example, “couples counseling” or “PREPARE/ENRICH” or “individual counseling for your concern here“).

Please provide a couple of date & time options for connecting.

I’ll respond via your preferred method by my next business day (unless otherwise posted).

It would be my privilege to partner with you on this part of your growth, healing, and discovery journey.