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Take that next first step

Lately, maybe it’s been feeling more ok than not to put off getting started. I get that. There’s comfort in predictability.

But not anymore.

So, remember a time when you finally started that hard thing that you kept putting off, you also started to feel better right away? (I do.)

Relief. Phew!

And, it won’t be easy. But it’s your journey. Where do you want to go?

No-mystery no-obligation consultation

Generally, this is how our 20-minute no-obligation consultation will go. And the time will go quickly. (It always does.)

  1. I’ll ask you to share your current general concerns and your desired results
  2. I’ll reflect what I believe I heard from you
  3. You may have a question or two for me too (see also my About, FAQ, and rates pages)

If we decide we’re a good fit, we’ll schedule our first session while we’re connected (*90-minute intake session).

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You're looking for relief, clarity, and connection

Get started with one of these 3 options. You choose.


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Life is full of possibilities. And therapy can make things feel possible.

If you’re ready to start considering new possibilities in your life, click below to schedule your no-obligation 20-minute consultation.

I'm glad you're getting in touch

It would be my privilege to partner with you on this part of your growth, healing, and discovery journey.