Therapy for Men

Today’s man faces new challenges.

There's a new relationship demand on men.

Partners are asking for their men to be more emotionally attuned and authentically expressive.

And it’s not just about being attuned to your partner,
the request includes your being emotionally attuned to yourself.

And this new rugged terrain is hard to navigate.

Because we haven’t yet given you the supplies you need for your journey

— to create your desired vision of yourself
and the life you want with your partner.

The old way isn't working.

Old “directions” (i.e., sociocultural messages) instructed you as boys first, then as men, to

• deny your feelings and other genuine and valid parts of yourself

• and if you couldn’t deny them, then ignore or bury them

• and when you couldn’t contain the pain of denial any longer, to send your feelings out sideways, which had them mostly looking angry

Let's be real — it never worked.

Our unfortunate history shows that men have long felt misunderstood, unappreciated, unsure how or unable to express their wants and needs, irritated, sad, and lonely.

You’ve lived it yourself or you know men who have — depression and anxiety have taken an exorbitant toll on boys and men and those who love them.

You can be better equipped for your new journey.

The roadmaps have changed. It’s about the new landscape.

Let’s work together to find the tools and create the skills so that you can successfully navigate this new terrain.

You're motivated and ready for change.

You’ve got a lot in your favor. And you’ve got a lot going on. And you’re ready for some help sorting through it so you can live your version of your best life.

Therapy can help you create and discover:

Awareness of your energy within and between

Confidence in identifying and asking for your needs and wants

Compassion for your parts of self, your whole self, and for others

Emotional depths that offer you new meaning and purpose

Learning how to comfort yourself and others without judgment

A life lived with integrity in all your relationships

Connections that run deep and are genuine and meaningful

Calm and curious communication with yourself and others

Acceptance of self

You will learn to

• honor and accept all your awesome and amazing parts

tune into yourself and others more easily

I can help you with this.

Let's get started.

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