an assessment for any stage in your lifetime of togetherness

For strengthening relationships & marriages.

Create deeper connection & intimacy.

Talk about the tough topics

Learn new skills

Deepen respect and appreciation

From deeper understanding of your unique relationship, you’ll create deeper connection.

Gain clarity in your strengths & growth areas.

Connect with purpose and passion

Learn to thrive in your love

Discover the elements of your relationship in new ways, through new eyes, with renewed love.

Helping couples thrive via PREPARE/ENRICH.

PREPARE/ENRICH is evidence-based and time-tested. In other words, this assessment tool is proven to help couples navigate their togetherness with confidence in themselves, each other, and their relationship.

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For any gender couple in any phase of your togetherness:
blended family
new or not-so-new to parenting
long-term relationships or marriages

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Whether you’re new to love or have been at it for years,
PREPARE/ENRICH helps deepen your connection.
Be among the couples who take the assessment and report
feeling happier and more connected later on!

Strengthening your relationship or marriage.

The PREPARE/ENRICH assessment provides an objective look at these areas of your relationship:

Conflict resolution
Partner style and habits
Family & friends
Financial management
Leisure activities
Sexual expectations, sexual relationship
Marriage, relationship expectations
Roles, responsibilities
and more

From your couples report, we’ll review your strengths and growth areas. I’ll help you practice communication skills. And together we’ll open the doors for having honest conversations about the tough topics.

3 simple steps.
Commit to deepen your connection.


Contact me. I create an assessment account for you & set up our 1st meeting.


Pay a one-time fee of $35 (per couple) at your PREPARE/ENRICH login.


You each answer the sets of questions. Results are sent to me to review with you.

We’ll have a lot to cover in discussing the amazing uniqueness of the two of you!

Being in love is a wonderful feeling. Make it last!

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