an assessment for any stage in your lifetime of togetherness

Strengthen your relationship.

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Create deeper connection & intimacy

  • Prepare for your lifetime of togetherness by learning more about each other.
  • Learn how to have “the hard conversations” with respect and gratitude.
  • Apply new skills in your commitment to a healthy, vitalized relationship.

Strengthen your togetherness

The PREPARE/ENRICH assessment provides an objective look at your relationship in these areas:

Conflict resolution
Partner style and habits
Family & friends
Financial management
Leisure activities
Sexual expectations, sexual relationship
Marriage, relationship expectations
Roles, responsibilities
and more

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A proven assessment tool designed to help couples navigate their togetherness with confidence in themselves, each other, and their relationship.

For any gender couple in any phase of your togetherness:
blended family
new or not-so-new to parenting
long-term relationships or marriages

Learn from your strength & growth areas

  • Connect with purpose and passion.
  • Learn to thrive in your love.
  • Discover your relationship through new eyes, with renewed appreciation for one another.
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Commit to your enhanced connection in 3 simple steps


Contact me.

We have a conversation, then I create an assessment account for you, and you are notified that you’re ready to go!


You each log into your PREPARE/ENRICH account and complete the assessment individually.

I’m notified when you’re both done and I receive your results.


I contact you and say, “Let’s get started!” and we schedule our first appointment.

We share in the excitement of your learning about you, your partner, and your relationship!

Being in love is a wonderful feeling.
Keep being in love!

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