Highlighting & focusing on strengths & growth areas for couples.

PREPARE to embrace the journey.

PREPARE/ENRICH® assessment helps you gain a deeper understanding of the elements of your unique relationship.

In that space of deeper understanding, you’ll create deeper connection.

This assessment tool has been designed for couples in all phases of their togetherness. It works for couples in the stages of premarital, married, blended family, parenting, and others.

Backed by decades of research.

Research shows that couples who take the assessment feel happier and more connected down the road.

Acknowledge and explore each other’s strength and growth areas.

Develop insights that deepen your love for and understanding of each other.

3 simple steps for getting started.

1Contact me so I can create an assessment account for you two & set up our 1st meeting.

2Pay a one-time fee of $35 at login and you each answer the questions.

3We meet to discuss your results in 12 relationship categories.

Being in love is a wonderful feeling. Make it last.

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